The Online Planning Poker tool is offered. It can be used in estimates for scrums. It can be used with your social account(Google/Facebook/LINE) or the same account as the What’s the Scrum? AI chatbot.




  1. Create Account
    • An account is required to use the tool.
    • No account creation is required for social login. Please go to step3 or 4.
    1. Access the URL and select the “Create Account” tab.
      Create Account
    2. Input Username, Password, Confirm Password and Email.
      • Password and Confirm Password must match.
      • The email address must be able to receive messages.
    3. Click the “Create Account” button.

  1. Verify your email address
    1. A verification code will be sent via email to verify that the email address is valid.
    2. Enter the verification code from the email you received.
      Verify your email
    3. Push Confirm button.
    4. After successful verification, you can log in.
      After log in

  1. Poker table creation (first time only)
    • Creation of a poker table is required only for the first time. It is recommended that a representative, such as the Scrum Master, creates the table.
    1. Press the hamburger menu button to open the menu.
      Open menu
    2. Press the button with the description “Create New Table”.
    3. The “Create Table” dialog will appear.
      Create Table
    4. Enter a “Table Name” and press the “Create” button.
    5. The table name and operation buttons will be displayed when you join the table.
      Join the table
      • The table creator is automatically put into a join state.
      • You are alone just after the table is created.

  1. Sharing the table & Invite participants
    • Invite other participants to the table you have created.
    1. Press the button with the description “Switch Table”.
      Sharing the table
    2. The “Move Table” dialog box appears.
      Move table
    3. Click the “Copy URL” button to copy the URL to the clipboard.
    4. Share the copied URL with those you want to participate.
      • Accessing the site using the URL will automatically put them in a state of participation.
      • You can join the table automatically via the shared URL.
      • Note: It is recommended that you create your account in advance and open the shared URL with a logged-in state.
    5. If more than one person participates, the names of other participants will be displayed.
      • Note: Anyone who knows the URL can join. Do not share it carelessly.

  1. Estimates
    • It is convenient for you to bookmark the shared URL.
    • It is designed to be used in conjunction with online call tools for discussion.
    1. Confirm that it is in sync.
      Synchronization status
    2. Confirm that the participant’s names are displayed.
    3. Wait for everyone to select a card.
      • When a card is selected, the icon changes.
        Unselected card
        Selected card
    4. Press the “Open” button.
      • Anyone can press the “Open” button, but it is a good idea to decide who will open the cards.
      • It can be opened even if someone is not selected.
        Open button
    5. Brief statistics are displayed.
      • Discuss the result and determine the final estimated point.
    6. Click “Next” to return to card selection again.
      • Anyone can press the “Next” button, but it is a good idea to decide who you want to return.
        Next button


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