What's the Scrum? AI Chatbot


We offer a free AI chatbot tool that responds to questions about Scrum and Agile.
It can be used with the same account as the PokerTable.




  1. Create Account
    • An account is required to use the tool.
    1. Access the URL and select the “Create Account” tab.
      Create Account
    2. Input Username, Password, Confirm Password and Email.
      • Password and Confirm Password must match.
      • The email address must be able to receive messages.
    3. Click the “Create Account” button.

  1. Verify your email address
    1. A verification code will be sent via email to verify that the email address is valid.
    2. Enter the verification code from the email you received.
    3. Press the Confirm button.
    4. After successful verification, you can log in.

  1. Ask questions
    • Ask questions about Agile and Scrum.
    1. Enter statement in the text area.
      • You can enter more than 10 characters and less than 200 characters.
    2. Push the Send button and wait for a response.
      • Response will take for a while. Please wait a few seconds.


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